Thompson Supply - Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a plumbing or general contractor. Can I still buy from Thompson Supply?

Yes. While we are here to serve the plumbing community, primarily the licensed plumbing contractor, we realize that many people have the skill and desire to do small repairs and remodeling projects themselves. However, we highly recommend you make your purchases through a plumbing contractor. Using a professional has many advantages. Since the responsibility for the purchase is theirs, any problems that may occur during delivery, storage and installation are handled by the contractor. As a direct buy consumer, you are assuming the entire responsibility yourself.

Do you have all of the displayed products in stock?

We stock many of them but not nearly all of them. There is such a range of sizes and finishes that it would be nearly impossible to have everything in stock. But we usually have quick access to most of them through our contacts with the primary manufacturer or other regional or national distributors. We are a member of Luxury Products Group, which is a national group of distributors who cooperate in the procurement of plumbing products.

What do you do besides display the products?

  • Our showroom staff uses their knowledge and expertise to help you make the perfect choices for your budget, your lifestyle, your home design and your comfort.
  • We record the selections for the benefit of the builder and the Plumber.
  • We mail out the selections to the parties involved with the appropriate rough-in sheets and installation instructions.
  • We record changes if notified, and report changes to the appropriate people. We order in the various items from the various manufacturers, specifying the delivery dates and issuing shipping instructions to minimize the freight expense. We receive the material (in most cases) at our warehouse and hold it for release by the customer at the proper time.
  • We maintain communication with the parties involved through the end of the job.

Where are you located, and what are your hours?

Our showroom is located at 2320 Spruce St, Montgomery, Al. and our Opelika showroom is located 1297 1st Ave North, Opelika Al.36801. Our hours are M-F 10am-4pm and by appointment.

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Does Thompson Supply offer installations services?

No we do not. Installation of plumbing fixtures, especially luxury products, is best left to licensed and experienced plumbing contractors. We can recommend contractors that we know from our past involvement are experienced and qualified to do any type of installation. We can also assist you with other qualified professionals such as designers, general contractors, tile contractors and more.

Do you have other products besides basic plumbing fixtures?

Yes. We stock a complete line of garbage disposals, hot water dispensers, water filtration systems, water heaters, water coolers, drinking fountains, sump pumps, sewage pumping systems, circulating pumps, water softeners, specialty shower heads, specialty toilet seats and professional grade T & S kitchen and institutional products.

Can I buy products through your website?

We do not offer our products for sale over the internet at this time, though we are exploring that possibility. You would be best served to come into our showroom, and talk to one of our trained professionals. Personal attention allows Thompson Supply to provide much more value than just buying from some website you've never heard of, not to mention returns and warranty nightmares from most of those sites.

Does Thompson Supply warranty everything it sells?

We stand 100% behind every manufacturer's warranty that we represent. But, that doesn't tell the whole story. Thompson Supply personnel go out of their way to make any situation that requires warranty service as painless as possible. We use our relationship with the manufacturer and the contractor to remedy any problem quickly and smoothly.